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Author Guidelines

Simillimum provides high quality educational and clinical information to practitioners and students of homeopathy. Case reports, interviews, articles and reviews will be printed which strive to illuminate some aspect of classical homeopathic practice, defined here as a study of the totality of symptoms, the use of a single remedy, prescribed according to the Law of Similars. 

Articles are sought in the area of materia medica, posology, case management, miasms, philosophy, provings, history, etc.  Graphics and photographs are welcome. 

Please submit articles for peer review in a word document format, Include a few lines of biographical information, and if possible a photograph.


Case Format

A "well taken case" includes a description of the patient, occupation, etc., relevant family medical history, previous types of treatment (conventional or homeopathic), details of the chief complaints including modalities and causations, mental and general symptoms and all other symptoms of the case, so that a clear picture of the totality can be gained.

Case analysis

Case analysis, evaluation of symptoms and repertorization should be included. One of the most important aspects of case presentation is to explain your reasoning for the remedy selection and potency choice so that it is very clear to the reader. General discussion including, insights into difficulties or problems that were encountered, mistakes that were made, or what might have been done differently may also be of value. Acute cases should be written out in a similar manner.

Cases using newly proven remedies should include relevant proving data for the benefit of the reader. Cases using remedies without provings or insubstantial provings should provide a discussion of the substance, references to other sources of information on its homeopathic use and the basis for its selection in this case.


Appropriate follow-up should include the practitioner's assessment, repertorization where utilized and explanation regarding repetition or change of remedy. Chronic cases should be followed for at least one year.

Consent and Confidentiality

Please include a written release from the patient (or the parent of a minor patient) and change identifying information as necessary. Contact us if you need a sample release form.


Write your case out in narrative form, using quotation marks to indicate direct quotes. Remedy names should be italicized and spelled out completely, with potency number and scale specified, for example, Aurum sulphuratum 200C. Use appropriate references and acknowledgments when necessary for books, periodicals, teachers and computer programs. A summary of the focus of the case or article is helpful, whether as an introduction or a conclusion. Essays or articles critically evaluating ideas or methods of practice must be civil and well referenced as to the basis of the opinion offered.

Articles may be edited for minor points of grammar, spelling, or usage. Suggestions for significant revisions will be forwarded to the author for rewriting. We welcome your questions or concerns about shaping your experiences and thoughts into readable form. Please Italicize remedy names and abbreviations, allow two spaces between sentences and supply your article in .doc format.


Send us a few lines of biographical information, and if possible a photograph of yourself, ideally a black and white head shot such as a passport photo.

We are striving to print original material and require that you advise us of any prior or simultaneous submission to other journals.

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article for Simillimum!

Send articles to: drwhite@restoremyvitality.com  Articles should be received by October 1st

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